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Outdoor Lounger Furniture | In a hotel project, owner and also interior designer need to go to shop for hotel furniture. It does look like as an easy job to do. But actually it’s not as simple as it looks like. But surely it will if both the owner and interior design know which supplier to go to. Not just any furniture supplier. But supplier which is expert in the furniture required for the hotel project. Since, there are so many furniture suppliers that can be contacted related to furniture for hotels. So the first thing to do is that the owner and designer must know what kind of furniture is needed whether it is outdoor or indoor furniture. They both have different specs.

For a hotel pool project

then the supplier that must be visited is an outdoor furniture supplier. By visiting the appropriate supplier, the opportunity to get furniture with quality, spec, and also a good price is even greater.

Wisanka is one of Indonesia’s manufacturers for outdoor lounger furniture.

We have been standing for 27th, established in 1993. And, we are still standing here ready to supply outdoor furniture requirements even though conditions are quite difficult lately because of the pandemic.

We are experienced in supplying hotel pool projects. One of the mandatory items for hotel pool projects is a lounger. Our collection of loungers is quite varied. We have teak loungers, synthetic loungers, and metal combinations (combined with rope, synthetic rattan, or teak).

This lounger is one of the furniture sought by hotel owners and also interior designers to put in the pool area. You could say this kind of basic needs for hotel pool projects. And that becomes one of the reasons why Wisanka makes outdoor loungers a collection. At first we only provided an outdoor teak lounger. Then we developed by providing synthetic rattan loungers, battyline, alloy casting, and stainless steel.

We also supply custom furniture. So please contact us for your outdoor lounger needs. We will do our best to provide it ensuring that we wont let you down on us.

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