Furniture Exporter For India From Indonesian Outdoor

Indonesian Outdoor Furniture Exporter For India

Furniture Exporter For India | Outdoor Furniture Indonesia has various types of furniture for your various outdoor needs. There are patio sets, benches, outdoor dining sets, sun loungers, chairs, tables and troly. These outdoor furniture options come in a variety of designs and sizes as well as combinations and uses. Here are some types of Wisanka Furniture that you can choose from for your outdoor furniture needs.

Traditional Outdoor Living Set Furniture
Traditional Indian Outdoor Living Set Furniture

Indian Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

We make new innovations with contemporary designs and aesthetic appeal by creating good quality products from cast alloy and teak wood materials. We try to make products with simple but elegant designs, of course, with more competitive prices.
The combination of the strength of Aluminum casting & Teak will definitely accompany you to enjoy outdoor moments with your beloved family.


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