Indonesian Minimalist Outdoor Furniture Supplier

Wisanka: Indonesian Minimalist Outdoor Furniture Supplier

Minimalist furniture is one of the most important elements in a room. This minimalist furniture is a style of furniture that emphasizes functional aspects of a furniture piece. However, there is still a big hope that functional and aesthetic aspects can be achieved simultaneously. So that there is a belief that furniture does not have to be beautiful, but also able to carry out its functions optimally.

Minimalist furniture style is suitable for those who live in a small dwelling. Living in a small dwelling may feel cramped at times. So many existing items in a dwelling will make householder feels more discomfort, especially if existing items are bulky. So that minimalist furniture is considered as a suitable solution.

The unexpected thing is many people keeps deciding to use minimalist furniture even if they have a fairly large dwelling. Since they have a very special ability, that is, making people fall in love to. And as predicted before, in the end, minimalist furniture style became a trend in many places worldwide.

Regarding to minimalist furniture, a long time ago people used to believe that it refers to indoor use furniture. Well actually the idea of minimalist furniture is not only indoor use but also outdoor furniture. As recently, people are looking for outdoor furnitures: tables and chairs, in minimalist style.

Many of the outdoor chairs in the past had some accents on the back and arms. This accent is configured from slats which is arranged to form a certain motif. Accent attached on furniture is function as something to beautify a piece of furniture. While minimalist outdoor furniture has a minimal accent. In fact, some have none at all.

We are Wisanka (Wirasindo Santakarya) a furniture manufacturer able to supply both indoor and outdoor furniture since 1993. We have been being supplier of furniture to many countries worldwide. We supply outdoor furniture for Melbourne. We have been being outdoor furniture supplier for Dubai. And, we are also modern furniture supplier for Qatar.

Besides, we able to supply custom furniture. For more info, please feel free to contact.

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