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Storage box is one of the most important items in a house. Why is it so? It is because everyone would need this kind of thing in their home. There are so many functions of storage box that make it become so much sought after. Especially in current days, where people tend to have a room that is not wide enough. So they need something that can be used to store other small objects in house. Storage box is something which is very helpful. Thus apart from being an outdoor furniture wholesaler, we are also an outdoor storage wholesaler.

Wisanka is also an outdoor storage exporter. We have created several products in this range. Some of the material variants we have used are outdoor teak and synthetic rattan. These are the two most commonly used materials for outdoor furniture. We chose these two materials because we believe that both of them are very capable of being used as outdoor storage boxes that meet the wishes of many people.

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We believe that the most popular outdoor storage boxes are the simple ones. Where it is only almost have no accents and with a top that also functions as a lid. It is absolutely different comparing to the indoor storage box. Indoor storage boxes usually come in various designs. It is coming out with a minimalist design to a hard classic with a variety of beautiful and elegant carvings. But both indoor and outdoor, the two should have more than one function. They are, as storage and also a center point that can add to the beauty of a room. And all of the outdoor storage manufacturers, as wel as Wisanka, are competing to create items in this range.

So, for outdoor storage distributors, resellers, wholesalers, we also produce custom design outdoor storage. So don’t hesitate to contact us for all your needs.

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